A Bumpy Road...Otherwise titled, My Road to Writing and Publishing "Teddy's Truth."

I wrote my first book--if it could even be called that--at fourteen. It was unnecessarily long, ungodly complicated, and unfortunately horrendous. It was also, I am proud to say, an amazing experience hat convinced me that someday, I was going to publish a book. I wrote my second book a few months later.

It was not better.

I didn't know how to change scenes. How did I get my character from the stable to the schoolhouse without showing her walking the long, boring cobblestone streets? Easy...knock her out every other page. I think she passed out fifteen times in the first three chapters. (Went back and reread. Full disclosure: It was sixteen.)

Several drafts later, and I picked up the basics. I always anticipated the first book I published would be Fantasy. An epic quest to save the world, preferably with dragons. Think...Eragon meets Harry Potter in Middle Earth. (Another disclosure: I AM working on a fantasy novel, complete with an evil king, a lost princess and a buttload of magic. It's practically a fairytale but with tons more blood.)

I never expected to write a Romance.

Then, I read my first Lucy Lennox book. If you haven't read one (and if so, where have you been? I know a better rock for you to live under...) then you definitely should. 11/10, Would Recommend. I read the first book, then another, then the entire series, and then I found Sloane Kennedy (and OMG, Sloane Kennedy!) and then K.A. Merikan, and yep, after that, I was definitely a goner.

I read everything I could get my hands on. I spent almost six hundred dollars (that I definitely did not have) in under a month, which lead me to Kindle Unlimited, which lead me to...even more books. And then one day, I thought...why can't I write one?

So I did. And it wasn't terrible (If I say so myself). Of course, once I finished the first draft, I realized...Shit, this isn't the first book, it's the second, which meant...more writing.

And that's how I ended up writing Teddy's Truth, a book that is super close to my heart. (Click here to read why). Sometimes, I feel guilty for how much hell I put Teddy through to get his happy ending...but I hope you feel the same way I do. That a happy ending doesn't mean much if you don't *earn* it.

Teddy sure as hell earned his.

I'm so excited for everyone to read Teddy's Truth, and I can't wait to keep sharing my stories with you. I am beyond grateful for my beta readers and my ARC readers, to my publisher and editor, and to my writer's group for constantly reminding me that I used door eighteen times in that sentence and really, they get that it's a door by now...And I am so pleased every time I see a review pop up on Goodreads or Amazon.

I love to hear from readers, even if it's just a simple question or greeting, so feel free to reach out to me on facebook, twitter, email, or even on my forum.

Love Always,

KD Ellis

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