Teddy de Luca just wants his outsides to match his insides. So he takes a small loan from a cartel... No big deal, right? But when the cartel comes calling, the odds of ending up six feet under become very real.

Ian Romero's life changed with his brother's death. Determined to bring down those responsible, he doesn't have time for romance. Especially not with his old next-door-neighbor... right?

Cover for the novel Teddy's Truth by KD Ellis featuring two attractive men with the city of Austin in the background

Teddy's Truth

Book one in the Out in Austin series

Teddy De Luca thought being born into the wrong body was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Then he met Julian…

All Teddy De Luca wants is for his outside to match his inside—so badly that he takes a loan from a Mexican cartel. It’s not like he can borrow the money from his alcoholic mother. She got him into this mess in the first place when she poured his savings into bottles of Jack. He figures he’ll get his operation, pick up a second job, then pay the debt off quickly and put it all behind him. When the cartel raises the stakes, his plan falls apart and he’s left with a mounting debt and no way out.

Ian Romero is a second generation Hispanic-American whose only goal is to live the American dream—finish college, find the perfect partner and settle down. His inappropriate crush on his brother’s best friend isn’t going to stop him. But when his troubled brother becomes another victim of the local cartel, his plans change. He can’t save his brother, but he can get his revenge.

After years apart, Teddy’s and Ian’s paths cross again, neither expecting the passion between them to re-ignite even hotter than before. Can Ian forgive Teddy’s role in his brother’s death to become the Daddy the younger man needs—or is their relationship destined to fail again?

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